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WASHINGTON, DC, USA - MARCH 4, 2012: A woman walks by the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, DC. A small IRS sign in the corner of the building contrasts with its massive, neoclassical architecture.

The New IRS ITC Transfer Portal: What You Need to Know 

The Internal Revenue Service IRS does more than collect taxes The agency often has a negative reputation but it is responsible for numerous duties from tax return processing enforcement criminal investigations and oversight of tax exempt organizations and qualified retirement plans The IRS is the largest of the United States

Public park and high-rise buildings cityscape in metropolis city center . Green environment city and downtown business district in panoramic view .

How Investing in Transferable Clean Energy Tax Credits Makes ESG Goals Achievable

Protecting the natural resources of this beautiful earth is a priority for citizens around the world That includes the United States where two thirds of adults surveyed say the country should prioritize developing renewable energy sources U S businesses increasingly focus on their corporate sustainability performance paying more attention to

Market chart of business increase stock graph or investment financial data profit on growth money diagram background with success diagram exchange information.

What Do the Proposed Basel III Endgame Regulations Mean for Investment in Transferable Tax Credits?

The year 2008 was notable for the United States Barack Obama became the country s first African American president elect some of America s best athletes participated in the Olympic Games in Beijing China and the Global Financial Crisis GFC occurred This financial emergency was the most severe worldwide economic