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REOX: Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Transactions with Expertise and Innovation

Simplifying Renewable Energy Tax Credits for Growth

REOX leads the charge in transforming the renewable energy market through our innovative exchange platform, driven by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Specializing in Investment Tax Credits (ITC) and Production Tax Credits (PTC), REOX connects buyers and sellers seamlessly. We offer tailored, detail-oriented transactions, coupled with comprehensive services like due diligence, marketing, tax preparation, and financing. By simplifying the tax credit market complexities, we empower developers and buyers, accelerating renewable energy adoption while fostering economic and environmental sustainability.

What sets us apart

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Trade: REOX's Holistic Approach

REOX’s Holistic Approach” Setting the industry standard with its comprehensive ecosystem, REOX consults, customizes, and executes transactions, simplifying complexities for both developers and buyers, driving the clean energy transition.

REOX: Elevating Energy Investments for Project Developers

Empowering renewable project developers through customized solutions, meticulous due diligence, and expert support services, REOX maximizes project value and accelerates the growth of sustainable initiatives.

Tax Credit Buyers' Choice: REOX's Seamless Solutions

Offering a diverse pool of Investment Tax Credits (ITCs) and Production Tax Credits (PTC) in a transparent, secure marketplace, REOX simplifies transactions, enhances tax efficiency, and ensures seamless acquisitions for buyers.

Beyond Brokering: REOX's Complete Support System

Going above and beyond traditional brokering, REOX provides vital services – from tailored consultations to financing support – enabling developers and buyers to focus on core initiatives, reshaping the renewable energy landscape.

REOX: Guided by Innovation, Integrity, and Empowerment, Paving the Way for Sustainable Collaboration and Excellence in Renewable Energy Transactions.

At REOX, our core values form the foundation of our commitment to excellence in renewable energy transactions. We innovate tirelessly, seeking cutting-edge solutions to simplify processes. Integrity is paramount, ensuring transparent, ethical practices. We empower our clients, enabling them to focus on their goals through expert guidance. Collaboration is key, fostering strong partnerships, and sustainability underpins our every effort, promoting environmental responsibility. With these values, REOX drives the renewable energy industry toward a brighter, greener future.


REOX values innovative solutions, constantly seeking new ways to simplify transactions, enhance efficiency, and drive growth in the renewable energy sector.


REOX empowers developers and buyers, enabling them to focus on their core initiatives by providing comprehensive support services and expert guidance in renewable energy transactions.


REOX values collaboration, working closely with clients, legal teams, and stakeholders to ensure seamless transactions and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.


Upholding the highest ethical standards, REOX fosters trust with its clients, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring transparent and honest business practices.


Committed to a sustainable future, REOX promotes the adoption of renewable energy sources, contributing to environmental conservation and economic growth.


REOX strives for excellence in every aspect of its operations, from due diligence to customer service, aiming for exceptional outcomes and client satisfaction.

Energizing a Sustainable Future Through Innovation and Integrity

At REOX, our mission is to revolutionize the renewable energy market through innovative solutions and ethical practices. We empower developers and buyers by simplifying complex transactions, ensuring transparency, and fostering sustainable collaborations. Committed to environmental stewardship, we drive the adoption of renewable energy sources. With cutting-edge technology and unwavering integrity, we pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future, energizing communities and businesses worldwide.

Meet the REOX Innovators: Guiding Clean Energy Transformation with Visionary Expertise

REOX, backed by Stenson Tamaddon, our parent company, comprises a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and tax experts. Fueled by a passion for clean energy and innovation, we integrate private equity and public sector expertise. Together, we pioneer technology-driven solutions, revolutionizing renewable energy financing on a national scale.


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Transforming the Landscape
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Trust REOX with your renewable energy transactions

For Project

REOX collaborates closely with renewable energy developers, tailoring solutions from initial inquiry to due diligence, marketing, tax preparation, and financing. Our open exchange enables efficient trading of Investment Tax Credits (ITC) and Production Tax Credits (PTC), boosting projects and advancing sustainable initiatives nationwide.

For Tax Credit

REOX facilitates seamless transactions for Tax Credit Buyers in renewable energy. Our tailored exchange offers diverse ITC options, ensuring transparency and security. Buyers confidently engage, enhancing tax efficiency and sustainability. Benefit from expert due diligence and support services, even with aggregated credits, driving your clean energy goals